​Manic Panic Green Hair Dye is available in a range of stunning shades from the High Voltage, Creamtones, and Professional range. From light lime green to rich dark green, find your dream shade with Manic Panic.  

Check out our full range of green hair dyes to choose your colour. If you want to get the truest green tone it is important to bleach and tone your hair before you begin to provide a light base for the green hair dye, especially if you are using a light shade such as Electric Lizard. If you want to make your own shade of green hair dye then simply stir in some Pastel-izer to lighten the colour. Check out the details of each hair colour, below.

Manic Panic High Voltage Venus Envy Hair Dye is a vibrant shade that gives dark green tones to your hair. Manic Panic Venus Envy on dark hair is likely to give a wash of green tones for a gentle forest hue. For best results, apply this hair dye to pre-lightened hair to get a leaf green result.

Manic Panic High Voltage Enchanted Forest Hair Dye is the darkest shade in the Manic Panic green collection. This means that Manic Panic Enchanted Forest on brown hair will give a gorgeous wash of green for a subtle forest vibe. For best results, apply your Enchanted Forest Manic Panic to bleached hair. 

Manic Panic High Voltage Electric Lizard Hair Dye is a complete contrast to Enchanted Forest. This lime green shade is the lightest colour out of all the green Manic Panic hair dyes. The Electric Lizard shade will only be visible on bleached blonde or platinum hair. It may give a subtle tint to light brown or blonde hair. Create an awesome punky alternative hairstyle with Electric Lizard hair dye

Manic Panic High Voltage Voodoo Forest Hair Dye is a green hair dye with turquoise tones. Create a mermaid-inspired hairstyle and rock out with this alternative Manic Panic green hair dye. This hair dye is made with a blend of blue and green that is best applied to bleached hair. On brown or blonde hair you are likely to enjoy a subtle wash of colour.

Manic Panic Creamtones Sea Nymph Hair Dye is part of the pastel hair dye range by Manic Panic. This light colour is perfect for creating mermaid-inspired hairstyles. Manic Panic Sea Nymph will give the best results when applied to pre-lightened blonde or platinum hair. This shade will not be visible if applied to dark hair colours. 

Available to salons, the Manic Panic Professional Hair Dye Serpentine is a super dark shade of green. The gorgeous rich tones of Manic Panic Serpentine Green are sure to make this a popular choice for pairing with all kinds of hairstyles.

Manic Panic Green Hair Dye

Is Manic Panic green good?

Manic Panic green works very well when used correctly. To get a good colour, apply your Manic Panic hair dye green to bleached hair. This semi-permanent hair dye will give you a beautiful bright colour thanks to the vibrant pigment while also helping your hair to feel great thanks to the conditioning formula. 

What’s the best neon green hair dye?

When it comes to neon green hair dye, it doesn’t get much brighter than Manic Panic Electric Lizard. This green hair dye is even popular with celebrities like Jared Leto who used this colour when playing the Joker. To get the best results from your neon green hair dye make sure to pre-lighten your hair to allow the vibrant green tones to show through.

If dark green hair dye is more your vibe then there is plenty to choose from in the Manic Panic collection, so head to the shop to choose your colour. If you want to avoid lightening your natural hair then dark green hair dye Manic Panic is a great option as it is likely to give a subtle green wash to your hair that will perfectly pair with your natural colour.

Choosing Manic Panic green means that you are choosing to purchase cruelty-free products that are vegan-friendly. Manic Panic is ‘Tested On Celebrities, No Animals.’ The conditioning formula will help your hair to stay feeling healthy and fresh plus you won’t find any harsh chemicals such as PPD in the Manic Panic hair dyes. Check out the full range of Manic Panic Green Hair Dye to choose your next hair colour.