Data Policy

How Your Information Is Collected

We collect customer details such as name, address and email address when one the following actions are taken:
  • A customer inputs their information when placing an order online
  • A customer signs up for an account on our site (customer, affiliate or designer)
  • A customer contacts our customers services, providing their contact information
What Information Is Collected

The following information is recorded and stored at the point of order.
  • Customer Name
  • Customer Email Address
  • Customer Billing / Delivery Address
  • Customer Phone Number
  • Customer IP Addresses
  • Customer Visit Referrers
  • Customer Browser User Agents
Why Your Information Is Collected

The data is initially taken to allow for a successful transaction and to process your order. Beyond this, your information is stored to improve future customer experience. 

By storing this additional data, it helps for the following reasons:
  • It ensures ease for returning customers who look to make more frequent purchases
  • Allows any enquiries regarding recent purchases to be dealt with as quickly as possible
  • Aiding our statistics and strategy when it comes to evaluating and growing the business
  • Create tailored email marketing for customers that have opted-in to receiving communications
Where Your Information Is Stored

When you provide your information for an order or an account, the information is submitted and stored in our main internal JShop database, which is hosted by our internal servers.  The information that is stored from the order after the customer has successfully checked out.

Order information is then passed through the following systems to aid the successful picking, packing and dispatch of the items that are being ordered. 
  • SAGE: Our internal stock management system holds a copy of the customer billing / delivery address, VAT Number (if You have provided one) customer email address and phone number. This allows us to print the postage label for the package to be sent.
  • BB Order Picker: Our internal picking system stores ordered product(s) information, customer name, delivery address, email address and phone number. This acts as way of referencing that the correct products are being taken out of stock for the correct customer orders.
  • BB Dispatch: This internal software allows us to monitor the successful dispatch of orders. It also stores ordered product(s) information, customer name, delivery address, email address and phone number. 
  • MAILCHIMP: This online programme enables us to contact you via the email address you have provided us with to keep you updated on sales, new products, offers etc. This stores your email address only.
  • Manic Panic UK uses data encryption to ensure that customer information is not compromised when being held on our servers. 
  • Our data collection and retrieval is encrypted via an EV SSL Certificate from COMODO RSA. This protects our information as it gets accessed on the internet. 
  • Customer data stored regarding orders and accounts are stored for 5 years before deletion and removal.
How Your Information Is Protected 

As both controllers and processors of your data, it is our responsibility to keep all of your data safe and secure. We have software in place which ensures data remains encrypted and inaccessible to external sources. 
It is also our responsibility to report any intrusions or security breaches to a supervisory authority which can help to identify any issue with current software.  The persons whose data is affected will also be notified should such an issue arise.