Using Manic Panic Products On Chemically Treated Hair

Different types of chemical treatments include: 
  • Permanent Waves
  • Brazilian/Chinese Straightening
  • Relaxers
  • Body Waves
  • Permanent Hair Colours (Professional OR "Box Dye”)
  • Bleaching/Decolourising
Manic Panic’s Classic and Amplified range of semi-permanent hair dyes and styling gels are safe to use on chemically treated hair. 

The only product we do not recommend using on chemically treated hair is Flash Lightning bleach. Even if the chemical treatment was done a long time ago, if used on treated hair it can cause serious damage. 

If considering bleaching your hair once more, consult a professional stylist so that they may evaluate your hair to see if it is fit for further chemical treatment.

Before using any semi-permanent hair dyes, make sure you perform a strand test to see the result, as chemical treatments can cause varied effects.
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