Achieving A Pastel Hair Style

The pastel style is ever popular and can be achieved with various Manic Panic Colours such as Electric Banana, Cotton Candy Pink, Bad Boy Blue and Lie Locks.

Hereís how to do it:
  1. Pre-lighten hair to the lightest shade of blonde. Itís recommended you use Manic Panicís Volume 40 Flash lightning Kit. (Do this gradually to avoid damaging your hair).
  2. Rinse lightener out with shampoo and warm water, but do not use conditioner.
  3. Dry hair completely.
  4. Tone your hair with Amplified Manic Panic Virgin Snow Toner to create a white base. Your hair needs to be completely white so you achieve the right effect.
  5. Leave the Virgin Snow Toner on for at least an hour or until your hair is white enough.
  6. Rinse out with cool water and dry it completely. 
  7. The next step is to create your pastel colour mix.
  8. Mix a small amount of colour to a jar of Manic Panic Pasteli-izer until you achieve the desired shade.
  9. Perform a strand test to check you have the right colour and it looks the way you want it. 
  10. Once you have the perfect colour, apply it all over your hair as per usual.
  11. Comb through the mixture until it becomes frothy and make sure itís evenly applied.
  12. Allow to process for 1 hour, although the longer you leave the dye in the more it will absorb and hydrate your hair. Use a hair dryer for 5 to 10 minutes for the best results.
  13. After you have the desired colour, rinse out the Manic Panic Hair Colour with cool water and keep rinsing until the water runs clear.  
  14. Dry your hair and enjoy your new pastel hair!
Extra Tip: Mix a small amount of hair colour into your conditioner to help rejuvenate its vibrancy and use every time you wash your hair.

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