Getting Two Toned Manic Panic Hair

Using a comb, part your hair horizontally across the centre of your head from ear to ear. 
  1. Using hair clips, separate a top and bottom section of hair.
  2. Use Manic Panic Hair, in a colour of your choice, on the top half first and make sure not to get any on the bottom section.
  3. Prevent the top half from bleeding onto the bottom by wrapping it in a plastic cap or tin foil.
  4. Apply the second Manic Panic hair dye colour to the bottom half.
  5. Wrap the bottom section in a similar fashion to the top.
  6. Wait approximately an hour for the dye to process. 
  7. Carefully rinse the top section of hair first with cold water until it runs clear. 
  8. Rinse the bottom section by the same method.
  9. Dry hair and style it as per usual. 
Visit a professional hair stylist or seek help from a friend for the best possible results.
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