Achieving A Rainbow Dip Dye Effect

In order to achieve this effect, we recommend you seek assistance during the dying process, preferably from a professional hair stylist.
  1. Starting with Electric Banana Yellow, apply to the middle section of hair strands. This will be used to blend with other colours too. 
  2. Apply Pillarbox Red above the yellow section for about 2 inches. Blend some of the red into the yellow so that there’s overlap and use a gloved finger to mix the colours until you create orange.
  3. Add Shocking Blue onto the bottom section of the yellow section. Overlap the colours again and blend to make green.
  4. Use Purple Haze beneath the Shocking Blue section of hair. Do not blend together. Leave approximately an inch away from the end colourless.
  5. Fill out the remaining uncoloured hair at the end and above the red with Hot Hot Pink
  6. Ensure all colours are blended evenly and correctly.
  7. Gently comb through the dye on both sides of the hair. Be careful not to mix colours too much.
  8. Allow to process for up to an hour and use a hair dryer if necessary. 
  9. When complete, hold hair flat and wash underneath running cool water to rinse out. Rinse until the water runs clear and all excess dye is removed. Do this in sections so as to avoid mixing colours together. 
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