Rockabilly Blue Tips

Here is how to get the best out of Manic Panic’s highest pigmented hair colour, Rockabilly Blue.

Firstly, we advise that you:
  • Wear protective gloves during the entire process.
  • Prevent unwanted staining by using petroleum jelly or a thick conditioner around the hairline and over the ears.
  • Apply a small amount of the dye to dry hair. Little is needed as this is a strong colour.
  • Comb evenly through the hair, 1.2 inches from the root all the way down to the tip.
  • Allow to process until the hair dye dries – usually about half an hour. This prevents unwanted colour bleed.
  • Rinse with cold water in the sink, keeping the dye away from the face.
  • Keep rinsing until the water runs clear and all the excess is gone.
  • Once the water runs clean, use a thick conditioner and rinse once again. This is necessary because of the strength of the dye.
For some extra protection before you apply conditioner:
  • Saturate your hair with a mixture of equal parts white vinegar and cool water
  • Rinse out completely with water until it runs clear
  • Apply the conditioner as directed
Also remember:
  • Heat and alcohol can make colour run so avoid alcohol based products and use styling tools on a low heat.
  • Dry your hair before sleeping. Wet hair dye can cause staining on pillow cases.
  • Always wash your hair away from your face in cool water with a sulphate and salt free shampoo.

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